How to remove Unknown Publisher from User control Access dialog box?

  • Hi

    How can I give some good name instead of Unknown?


    I mention publisher in config.xml file, and I am getting publisher name in Uninstall Program menu (Inside Control panel). But I am not getting publisher while installing program.

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    You need to sign your installer and app executable using a certificate. You can get such cert. from many companies, just Google for it. It costs between 100-400 US dollars, certificate is usually valid for a few years (1-3).

    Once you have the certificate, you can sign any exe with:

    signtool.exe sign /t /f yourCertFile.pfx app.exe

    And then verify the signature with:

    signtool.exe verify /pa /v app.exe

    The signtool.exe is part of Windows SDK, which you can get from Microsoft, free of charge.

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