Qt with eclipse C++

  • Hi to all, im using C++ eclipse and make a simple GUI on Qt (Im using linux Tumbleweed). The GUI is a simple window with 2 buttons . I use the UIC file to generate a cpp file (header file) and then import that file into eclipse, also I added the Qt include folder into eclipse library path. Till here no problems, when I try to display the GUI on eclipse using this code inside main :

            Ui::MainWindow *dialog;
             QMainWindow w;
    	dialog = new Ui::MainWindow();

    this error is shown:

    undefined reference to `QMainWindow::QMainWindow(QWidget*, QFlagsQt::WindowType)'

    I have this includes :

    #include "QtWidgets/QApplication"
    #include "QtWidgets/QDialog"

    Im new in the Qt world. Also is possible to get a tutorial about eclipse C++ and Qt?
    Thanks in advance

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    @GastonMelo said in Qt with eclipse C++:

    I added the Qt include folder into eclipse library path

    Do you mean to include path?
    The error message means that you're not linking against Qt libs.

  • hi jsulm,
    you are right, I add the Qt include folder to eclipse include path. Looking Qt library folder, do I need to add all those library to eclipse library?

  • I add Qt5Core Qt5Gui and Qt5Widgets and it works.

  • @GastonMelo if your issue is solved please don't forget to mark your post as such

  • When last I looked at the Qt plugin for eclipse it was hopelessly broken. At the time eclipse had a lot of problems parsing the Qt framework include files and MOC system for code checking. Are you using the plugin, or just using eclipse as an editor?

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