How to restore the default of columns in a QTreeView

  • I have a QtreeView

    Column_ and each column width is 10
    A B C

    Now I do multiple operations
    like Columm B
    Move Column C in front and Move column A to back

    Increase the width of column C by mouse

    I need to functionality where I need reset the column width and order


    it is should show columns
    A B C with default width as 10

  • @Qt-Enthusiast
    There is no "reset the column width and order" for a tree view (QHeaderView), it doesn't know its initial state. Other than throwing it away and creating a new one, it would be up to you to save the initial order/widths and reset to that yourself in code. You might leverage QHeaderView::save/restoreState to help you, but still requires you to take that action if that's what you want.

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