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How to draw this type of chart, using QtCharts

  • Hi again,
    I want to display a chart like the one below using QtCharts, adding lines/points at specific xy coordinates.
    In this video, you can see to the right of the speed widget, a similar "chart".

    Firstly, I thought QPolarChart might come in handy, but it looks like it's of no help, since I would need two(horizontal and vertical) PolarOrientationRadial axes.
    Is this maybe doable using QScatterSeries or QLineSeries , centering the axes in the middle of the chart, and somehow making the chart round ? Or should I better just draw using QPainter ?
    Thanks a lot :)

  • I am not sure QtCharts is your best option... I would think about QML and maybe customizing a slider instead. Some google searches reveal how to do a curved slider.

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