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qtimer array in console application

  • i am trying to create two qtimers and each one should fire at different time
    in a console application```

       QApplication a(argc, argv);
      int counter=0; 
      QTimer timers[1] ;
        for (int k=0; k<2; k++)
            timers[counter].singleShot(5000+counter*1000, [&](){

    void TimerUpdate(Qstring job)
    //do thing

    this code has an error in the QTimer initialization when it is more than 1. As long as k<1 in the loop it works fine.
    The error is assert fail, index out of range !

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    QTimer timers[1] ;

    that is an array with ONE element, not TWO.


  • Thank you for the check. When i inspected my code again, i found that it was made 2, but the mistake was somewhere else in an internal loop trying to call an item in a qlist that is not found.

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