Sharing CMakeLists.txt.user between docker container instances

  • Wonder if anybody has come across the best/recommended way to share the build & run configuration between different docker containers. As far as I understand, when we use CMake as build system, the build and run config will be recorded in a CMakeLists.txt.user. However, upon transferring .user to a new container, the QByteArray or Id in the .user seems incompatible, hence the build and run config cannot be imported. Any suggestions how to overcome this?

    is there any alternative to transfer these settings? assuming docker environment and CMake build system.

    Thank you!!!

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    H i@vsc9,

    so in principle your problem is the same as

    To keep it short: there is no solution yet, as the .*.user is not thought for sharing.

    Do you build from QtCreator within docker?


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