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Utilizing connect with the SIGNAL macro and a functor

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to dynamically connect a widget to a functor. I have a file that contains the signature of the signal that I want to connect, as well as some info concerning what it should do, something along the line of:

    "widget": "power_button",
    "signal": "toggled(bool)",
    "action": "power"

    As you can see, the signal is easy to connect, I can just call connect with the string (I just have to prepend a "2" and convert to const char*). I can't (at least easily) use the pointer-to-member syntax easily because those widgets are created at runtime and they don't have all the same signals (and signal signatures).

    So I would like to be able to call something like

    QObject::connect(widget, signal_string, [](bool a){ set("power", a); });

    but there is no connect overload like that, and I'm afraid the two syntaxes are fundamentally incompatible.

    Is there a way to do what I want, or will I have to do something a bit more complicated ?

    Thnaks a lot !

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    Sadly, macro syntax and lambdas cannot be mixed.
    So I guess you are looking at something "bit more complicated "

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    i once wrote an utility class for this

    #include <functional>
    typedef std::function<void()> LamdbaFunc;
    class LambdaConnector : public QObject
        LambdaConnector( QObject* obj, const char* signal, LambdaFunc functor ) : QObject(obj) {
            static QMetaMethod slotMethod;
            if( !slotMethod.isValid() )
                    const QMetaObject * mo = this->metaObject();
                    int idx = mo->indexOfSlot("onEmit()");
                    slotMethod = mo->method(idx);
            QMetaMethod signalMethod = obj->metaObject()->method(obj->metaObject()->indexOfSignal(signal));
            connect( object, signalMethod, this, slotMethod );
    private slots:
        void onEmit() {
        LambdaFunc m_SlotFunction;


    new LambdaConnector(obj, "signal()", [obj]() {
    // or
    new LambdaConnector(obj, QMetaObject::normalizedType("signal()").constData(), [obj]() {

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