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Qt Desktop app: Continuous Delivery with Bitbucket Pipelines or Gitlab

  • Hi,

    I am developing a QtQml Desktop app, and I thought about using a continuous delivery system, e.g. Bitbucket Pipelines or Gitlab. I am new to such systems, so I have no prior experience. Some things I don't understand:

    • It seems these systems (Pipelines and Gitlab) use docker containers (I am not familiar with those) to set up the compilation environment. This means that Qt has to be a part of those environments, how is this done?
    • I need to deliver Linux as well as Windows applications. Is this even possible with Pipelines or Gitlab?
    • Right now I cross compile for windows using mxe (which uses mingw). Would this be an option?

  • 2 crucial questions:

    • is the project open source?
      • if not, do you already pay any service that offers CI?

  • It is not yet decided whether the project will be released under an open source license. Paying for a service which offers CI would not be the problem, right now we are not paying. As far as I see, Gitlab has a free plan.

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