Planned maintenance has been done but it did not solve the problem. So work will continue on this and a new time for trying updates will be announced asap.

How to Remove Spacing between chartview and it's Plotarea.

    1. My requirement is that Plotarea of chartview in Qml should acquire whole space.

    2. I don't want spacing between chartview and plotarea grids.

    3. For this, i made 0
      margins.bottom: 0  
      margins.left: 0 
      margins.right: 0
    4. After Doing this, there was still little spacing between grids and chartview.

    5. Then i did this, by giving minus values to x,y axis and increasing width and height.

     width : 400
     height: 200
      height: parent.height+42
      width: parent.width+51
      legend.visible:false 0
      margins.bottom: 0
      margins.left: 0
      margins.right: 0
    1. After doing this it got adjusted properly.
    2. But when i am chaning Valueaxis(max), then it is again chaing it's position.
    3. Valueaxis which is inside chartview, there is min max value, if max=5 then it's displaying properly, if i change max=10 then it's changing its position, on some value's it's showing properly, on some it's not
          min: 0
          max: 5 // on 5 it's proper, if i change it to 10 grids position is changing
          tickCount: 4
          labelsVisible: false

    Any Possible Solution ?

  • @Bhushan_Sure hi, is this the same question ?

  • @LeLev No it's some what different question, actually i found out what is the problem of previous and this question both, it's bug actually, it's changing position with respect to log10. Finding a way to ignore this bug, I will post solution if i get something.

  • Chartview's grid reposition itself everytime whenever min or max of Valueaxis changes. Whenever Valueaxis min or max changes in order of log10 then it reposition it's grid.

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