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How to Remove Spacing between chartview and it's Plotarea.

    1. My requirement is that Plotarea of chartview in Qml should acquire whole space.

    2. I don't want spacing between chartview and plotarea grids.

    3. For this, i made 0
      margins.bottom: 0  
      margins.left: 0 
      margins.right: 0
    4. After Doing this, there was still little spacing between grids and chartview.

    5. Then i did this, by giving minus values to x,y axis and increasing width and height.

     width : 400
     height: 200
      height: parent.height+42
      width: parent.width+51
      legend.visible:false 0
      margins.bottom: 0
      margins.left: 0
      margins.right: 0
    1. After doing this it got adjusted properly.
    2. But when i am chaning Valueaxis(max), then it is again chaing it's position.
    3. Valueaxis which is inside chartview, there is min max value, if max=5 then it's displaying properly, if i change max=10 then it's changing its position, on some value's it's showing properly, on some it's not
          min: 0
          max: 5 // on 5 it's proper, if i change it to 10 grids position is changing
          tickCount: 4
          labelsVisible: false

    Any Possible Solution ?

  • @Bhushan_Sure hi, is this the same question ?

  • @LeLev No it's some what different question, actually i found out what is the problem of previous and this question both, it's bug actually, it's changing position with respect to log10. Finding a way to ignore this bug, I will post solution if i get something.

  • Chartview's grid reposition itself everytime whenever min or max of Valueaxis changes. Whenever Valueaxis min or max changes in order of log10 then it reposition it's grid.

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