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Photoshop Problem

  • I am trying to build an instrument cluster in Qt Creator and all the tutorials I am watching from the site say to import the QML file from Photospop. I'm working on an Ubuntu 16.04 OS with no access to Photoshop. What's the best way to move forward? Can I still build my cluster entirely on Qt or do I need to import the images from another Qt friendly program?

  • The Photoshop Exporter is only available for Qt Design Studio, If you don't have access to Photoshop and are using Creator you will need to manually import all your png assets, however as the Tutorials i think you're talking about are based on Qt Design Studio you may find there are features specific to Design Studio that you would need. DS is also now available for Linux so i would suggest to try the evaluation version if you want to do the tutorials. You would have to rebuild the ui screens from your own png assets but the rest should work on Linux.

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