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QWebView::setUpdatesEnabled(true) problem - doesn't re-enable updates!

  • Hi,

    I am trying to disable screen updates during a page load to increase performance on an embedded linux platform running QT4.7.2, ie.

    I call setUpdatesEnabled(false) for the top level QWebView in QWebFrame->loadStarted() signal.
    then call setUpdatesEnabled(true) for the top level QWebView in QWebFrame->loadFinished(ok==true) signal.

    Screen updates are disabled by setUpdatesEnabled(false) but not re-enabled by setUpdatesEnabled(true).

    setUpdatesEnabled() is inherited from QWidget - adding debug in here indicates that updates have been re-enabled ok and QWidget::update() is called but there is no further rendering to the screen.

    Any ideas?
    Is this a valid approach?

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