how to enter a data in a Qline edit which has mask

  • I have a qline edit and i have set a mask like qlineedit->setInputMask("0000.000");

    now i have a button when it is pressed i will enter a number in the qlineedit. for example consider a calculator in which we press a number it will be displayed in qlineedit.

    similarly when i press the button it is being displayed inQlineedit as " .4 "
    when ever i press the value is being entered after the dot(.) . how to make it enter from the beginning?

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    Could show how you " enter a number in the qlineedit. " ? ( with the button)

  • @mrjj i changed it and it is working

    int iLen = strInput.length();
    if(iLen <= 5)

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