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[Split] Qt and iOS/Objective-C

  • Hi,
    Similar questions are coming in my mind too.
    I have just started learning Qt(3 MONTHS) and today i came across iOS/obective c/cocoa framwork. I m getting bit confused between Qt and iOS/obective c. I found Qt as a very good and powerfull framework. I have not done any coding in iOS/objective C. Since, we can develop code for Mac also in Qt, but i have some questions to clear. Please guide me..

    1. Which one will give good career Qt or iOS/objective C.
    2. Can we use Qt for developing apps for iPod/iPad/Android in future.
    3. From sources i came to know that nokia is now working on WP7. will Qt go down in future for both desktop/mobile applications.
    4. Future of Qt.

    Please correct me if i am wrong in any of my questions or concepts.


  • iOS / Objective C is Apple only - I do not know any other (used) SDK that uses Objective C. On the other hand I do not know any SDK that can't be used with C/C++. In addition, applications beeing developed with Qt do run on various different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, ...).

    A community driven port to "Android": is as good as ready, a community driven port to "UIKit (iOS)": is currently beeing worked on.

    No. Qt can't go down as it is "open governance": by the end of this month. I do not guarantee for Nokia.

    Bright and shiny. Don't fall for the FUD talk.

  • Thanks Lukas,
    I just gone through the blog for qt-Android, found really amazing.
    I have just started my career in Qt. And these posts really helping me to work hard in Qt and have a great career in Qt.

  • In respect of non-Apple Objective-C SDKs, there is actually a project called "GNUstep": -- probably the only one other than frameworks from Apple that does so. The project originated from NeXTSTEP, which is the precursor of Cocoa, so GNUstep shares many similarities with Cocoa (and Cocoa Touch). But this project is far from satisfying on any platforms, and is certainly not suitable for productivity use.

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