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Issue Debugging Application Launched by Application Manager

  • Description

    I am currently looking to use ApplicationManager.debugApplication(...) in order to launch applications - launched by the application manager - with a debugging tool, Vallgrind in my case. However, when the application manager goes to launch these applications, I receive the following message:

    ... [WARN | am.system] Tried to start application... using an invalid debug-wrapper specification: /usr/bin/valgrind --leak-check=full --time-stamp=yes --log-file=vg-%p-$(date +%s).log

    I have also tried running this with strace as indicated in the following resource ( - which yields the same result.


    1. It's not clear to me what ...using an invalid debug-wrapper specification... means, as there appears to be no resources regarding this issue; what does it mean exactly?
    2. The debugging resource indicates setting flags when compiling, in order to debug QML; are Qt Applications and QML synonymous, and do these flags need to be set as such?
    3. Does the application manifest (info.yaml) need to specify runtime parameters for setting -qmljsdebugger?
    4. Finally, does anyone have experience, in general, with debugging using debug wrappers through the application manager?

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