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Where to find shared.qrc / shared.h?

  • I tried to download files mentioned at "" and then built them. I got errors:
    No rule to make target './shared/shared.qrc', needed by 'debug/qrc-shared.cpp'. Stop
    ../shared/shared.h: No such file or directory

    But I didn't find these two files at that page. How come?

  • I found #include "../shared.h" at main.cpp. But where to find it?

  • Hi @Stan-Huang , i dont know why you have tried to download the files and then build!

    1. You can go to "Examples" tab in Qt Creator and then search for "calqlatr", you will find it.
    2. This is the path for the "shared.qrc", "C:\Qt\Qt5.12.1\Examples\Qt-5.12.1\demos\shared"
      Here in this path you can find the header as well as the qrc file.
      Note: i have installed Qt in C directory, so please search in the directory where you have installed.
    3. If you still want to build the application which you have downloaded files for then copy and paste the "shared.qrc" file from the path given in(2.) and the change the path for "shared.qrc" in your pro file.

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