QTCreator's annotations

  • Hi everybody

    is there a way to configure the annotations? I found a way to disable them or to configure their position, but that's not what i want.

    I am experiencing a really annoying annotation that says:
    "'if' initialization statements are a C++17 extension"

    How can i force QTCreator to show only a specific category of annotations? ( e.g. errors )


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    I was wondering if one could add something to
    alt text

    however, im not really sure what to write to have it not say anything

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    @mrjj Exactly. You need to find the name of the warning and the add -Wno-<Warning>, like you did with old style cast.

  • Thanks for your help. At least now i know where to configure this feature. I tried several configurations, but none removed the C++17-Warning.

    Your link says:
    Some of the diagnostics controlled by this flag are enabled by default.

    Maybe that is the real issue i am facing here...

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