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Build System Problems on Fresh Install of Qt 5.12.0/.1

  • I am setting up a new computer (Windows 10 64 bit) to do development of Qt with. I installed Qt 5.12.0/.1 on a system using the installer that lets you select all the components. I selected Qt 5.12.0 and 5.12.1, I selected all components and selected the MinGW 64 bit compiler from the selections at the bottom.

    Everything installed okay, but when I went to compile a test project it refused to compile. I looked at the build settings and noticed that the Make build step says mingw32-make.exe not found. Shouldn't it be looking for mingw64-make.exe? I also noticed the auto detect for the compilers both C (gcc) and C++ (g++) are autodetecting like so:


    As well as the debugger:


    These are showing up red as that folder "mingw730_32" does not exist. I tried deleting these, but when I restart it autodetects the wrong path again. The directory "mingw730_64" does exist however. I did try manual versions of the compilers and the debugger, but when I try to compile and run its gives me errors:

    mingw32-make: Symbolic links not supported: disabling -L.
    Found some errors in the current task. Do you want to ignore them?

    I don't feel like my build environment is setup properly and am not sure how to correct. I would reinstall, but that takes nearly 3 hours to do.

    The program does run when I say to ignore errors however.

  • I get exactly the same thing on my new install of Windows 10. The compiler paths are pointing to non-existent mingw32 directories, but are specifying 64 bit exe's. Qt Creator won't let me select the proper paths in the options either. The selections are grayed out.

  • Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    It does say on my windows 10 64 bit

    Did you also check and install the 64 bit MinGW compiler version through maintenance tool?
    Note: Since Qt 5.12.0 the MinGW precompile is based on the 64 bit version. The appropriate compiler version needs to be checked separately under tools in maintenance tool for installation.

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