Inserting and removing data with QXmlQuery

  • Hello,

    I would like to know if it is possible to insert/modify/remove data with an XQuery using QXmlQuery?

    I found an "exemple": of XQuery updating some data with the following query but I am not able to run it:
    @for $idattr in doc("data.xml")//ITEM/@Id (: selection :)
    return (
    delete node $idattr, (: update 1 :)
    insert node <NID>{string($idattr)}</NID> (: update 2 :)
    as first into $idattr/..
    I have the following error :
    syntax error, unexpected node, expecting )

    If it is not possible to use insert or delete how I am suppose to modify the content of a document?


  • Hello
    I had the same problem. It is looks like that Qt currently only supports "Minimal Conformance" and yet does not support optional XQuery features as it is described here:

    QXMLQuery Features and Conformance:

    XQuery 1.0
    Qt XML Patterns aims at being a conformant XQuery processor. It adheres to Minimal Conformance and supports the Serialization Feature and the Full Axis Feature. Qt XML Patterns currently passes 97% of the tests in the XML Query Test Suite. Areas where conformance may be questionable and where behavior may be changed in future releases include:
    Some corner cases involving namespaces and element constructors are incorrect.
    XPath is a subset of XQuery and the implementation of Qt XML Patterns uses XPath 2.0 with XQuery 1.0.
    The specifications discusses conformance further: XQuery 1.0: An XML Query Language. W3C's XQuery testing effort can be of interest as well, XML Query Test Suite.
    Currently fn:collection() does not access any data set, and there is no API for providing data through the collection. As a result, evaluating fn:collection() returns the empty sequence. We intend to provide functionality for this in a future release of Qt.
    Only queries encoded in UTF-8 are supported.

    And here is the relation of XQuery update with "Minimal Conformance"

    So I guess this feature is not included in the current version of QXMLQuery

    Instead it is possible to use QDomDocument.

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