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Qt proxy usage

  • I have a qt class that connects to a website. How can I use qt proxy functionality to have multiple instances of the class connect to said website with a different proxy?

  • proxy is a generic term. whos proxy and what type of proxy?

    round-robin dns on the server end?
    proxy internet gateway your client goes through?

    outgoing gateways proxys exist to protect the net and limit bandwidth. Are you trying to steal more bandwidth?

  • @Kent-Dorfman said in Qt proxy usage:

    round-robin dns

    Say I have two objects of that class, Object A and B trying to connect to website W, and two proxy servers 1 and 2. I want A to connect to W through 1 and B to connect to W through 2.

  • @imaqt-0 that's a quite unusual requirement, in general using different proxies depends on reaching different websites (i.e. website W is accessible via proxy 1 and website X is accessible via proxy 2)

    Anyway, you can use a QNetWorkAccessManager object as member of your class, so on instantiation you then set the desired/required proxy to each object with QNetWorkAccessManager::setProxy()

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