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How do you actually install the Qt Visual Studio Add-In

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm sorry for what possibly seems like a quick and stupid question but I can't seem to find any documentation/README's on how to do this aside from going inside of Visual Studio 2017 and going to Tools > Extensions and Updates > Online to install or update Qt VS Tools. I've currently obtained the latest install of the Qt Visual Studio Add-In from here:

    Edit: I forgot to mention, the reason as to why I had to actually download the zip file as opposed to downloading it through Extensions and Updates is because the machine that I'm currently working on does not have any access to the internet whatsoever; this is the purpose for the question. I apologize!

    In which it's basically just a zip file of all the contents of what I assume to be the VS add-in. My question is, how do you actually install it to be used within Visual Studio? I tried searching as much as possible before asking, but the only explanations I can seem to find are to go to Tools > Extensions and Updates in order to install/update it.

    Can anyone possibly help point me in the correct direction? That's all I need; Qt 5.11 has been working amazingly; would just like a few more tools to use within VS.

  • @KrossedUp
    Purely a guess. In the zip file is there a .vsix file? Is it just unzip the zip and double-click/right-click-install-extension that?

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    From the site you linked to download the .vsix file and just run it (double click). Yes, it's a zip archive but don't try to extract it or anything, just run directly (a proper VS installation registers the installer handler for this extension).

  • @Chris-Kawa Sorry for late response, but this was it! When I downloaded it from the site, (and I assume this was a quirk based on the firewall of the company network I'm on) it downloaded as a .zip file. Simply changing the extension back to an .vsix file got it to work instantly. I thought I was going crazy for a while because I literally could not find any instructions/tutorials anywhere outside of actually using it.

    Thanks for the response, both of you, this got me where I needed to be!

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