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Interface with qml and qt, joined...

  • see the image


    how would you realize this interface with qml and qt?

    description of the behavior:
    the current black rectangle is at the centre and changes image. it is bigger and blue. clicking on the green button, you will create a new rectangle, that will replace the current one (blue one). black rectangle are just 2, one on the left and one on he right. clicking on another image (that i fogot), you will slide the black reclangle, but the blue one remains there it is.
    the rectangle on the upper part will indicate the rectangle (blue or black) that contains the mouse.

    it is difficult, but ideas? i think this is easer to describe writing snippets than explain verbally...

    [EDIT: fixed image link, Volker]

  • I'm not an expert with QML but I think you could have a Main Button (the blue one), the other buttons and a special button to add more (plus button), then you could put everything inside a Flickable and ask for the button in the center (then that would be the new blue one, right?) I will try to code something and see if I get the behavior you want, hope the idea works for you..

  • i thank you! =)

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