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Save rotated Image with original MetaData?

  • Hey Guys,

    i have read an Image to QImage and the Meta Data with easyexif. After this i have modified the QImage, and tried to save with QImageWriter, but he deletes the Meta Data from Picture..Is there any solution?

  • Moderators

    no, since a QImage has no metadata and thus gets already lost when reading the image

  • OP doesn't say what image containter format is being used. Since reading it in as a QImage loses the original metadata then save the metadata independently, before modifying it, and use a 3rd party utility to "fix" the metadata in the output image after it's been modified. Tools like imageMagik come to mind and there are others. OP alreadys knows about easyexif.

    Or write your own image reader/writer...that might be "fun". Heck, the whole operation might be able to be done in an existing 3rd party image tool.

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