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Build Qt Creator 3.6 on newer distros

  • Hello.
    I'm having a long problem with Qt Creator 4+, that fails to autocomplete properly.

    • With CLang code model enabled, Qt additions, like SIGNAL() and SLOT() macro don't work, as well as some other things like redefining function from parent class in child class.
    • With CLang code model disabled, all Qt additions work as required, but autocompletion fails to work with ui classes (something like ui->pushButton fails to autocomplete further).

    I'm using Arch Linux, so older version of Qt Creator is not available to me, I have to build it from the source.
    I was able to find Qt Creator source and build it on my system:

    $ uname -a
    Linux Terraniux 4.20.12-arch1-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Feb 23 15:11:34 UTC 2019 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    $ qmake --version
    QMake version 3.1
    Using Qt version 5.12.1 in /usr/lib

    ... usind guide from this link:

    I've also deleted all configuration files from newer version of Qt Creator, using this guide:

    Still, Qt Creator 3.6 is able to start without installation, but if I try to open settings or a project, everything crashes. This is what I see in the console output:

    $ ./bin/qtcreator
    MimeDatabase: Error loading :/
    Cannot open :/ No such file or directory
    Ошибка сегментирования (стек памяти сброшен на диск)

    The first 2 messages appear at the start of the application.
    What should I do to run Qt Creator 3.6 on newer systems?
    How to find what this segmentation fault is caused by?

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