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For App dev for the embedded target, can we really use Qt Creator (design mode) & Qt Design Studio ?

  • I have a several questions about qml design using qt-quick (controls, layout, etc).

    As far as I know, to use qt designer (in qtcreator, and even in qt designer studio too) the qml should be loadable in x86 platform ( it meas the qml plugin which imported in the qml file should be loadable on the PC).

    But in the cross compile environment, the some plugins which are only be compiled with the cross-compiler and might not be loadable on the pc.
    And even if the plugins are compiled on the PC, if the qml type is only loadable in the wayland clients, we cannot load it on the qtcreator designer on the PC.

    In example if the qml file hjas the specific "Window" qml type (e.g. ApplicationManagerWindow in qt-automotive suite) it cannot be loadable in the qt-creator designer as well as qt design studio too.

    In this case, I wonder whether we really can use the qt design tools for the target application development or not.