The issue is officially solved.

Below are a list of issues I encountered along the way and the full resolution I came to after long hours of debugging...


Windows 10 Anniversary Update killed the environment variables. It may be important to reconfigure / link / delete the current entries / paths for compilation. Link for where to find your Environment Variables.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update also created a hang up in some drivers that led to stalling of the code execution for QT Creator and Designer. Be aware of some conflicting drivers or programs (even if they are unrelated to QT / do not use QML or GUI provided by QT).

If you are an artist or utilize Wacom Tablets and their software for navigating your desktop (as opposed to a mouse). Please be aware that having more than one Tablet software installed, regardless of it running or being disabled, will cause conflicts.

In addition to the above issue, be aware that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update also created a glitch (at least in my installation) that caused the Tablet software to stall on boot of my computer. By failing, it caused a memory leak issue that resulted in QT not functioning. So, if you are experiencing issues similar to mine, uninstall all Tablet software and reinstall the one you use the most, be it Cintiq, Bamboo, Intuos, etc.


I rolled back my Win10 installation. It still had hang ups. I redirected the Environment Variables to the correct locations and uninstalled QT (all forms of it), uninstalled my Tablet softwares, re-installed my Win10 Anniversary Update, installed only my Cintiq software, installed QT, double-checked the environment variables, fixed my boot manager to only include processes I knew I needed and rebooted.

It appears to be working fine. A few of my compilers went missing along the way and so did a few brain cells. ;)

I had more than a few programs not working, so it took about a weeks worth of effort to figure out which programs were causing problems with other programs. It originally looked like a Windows Defender problem, then the Tablets, then the Realtek drivers, then Visual Studio, then the Tablets again.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but hopefully it will assist some people in the near future. Most of my issues stemmed from the Update and I expect that there will be more people with problems.