no the same one. first i run my program . it doesn't work. then run ts_calibrate but it works. then run demo in mini2440 but the touch was worked, but when i run the example of the Qt4.6.3 in example folder (/opt/qt....4.6.3/example/...) the touch doesn't work. all of them in one console. these are my system info: [root@FriendlyARM /udisk]# cd /dev/input/ [root@FriendlyARM input]# ls event0 mice [root@FriendlyARM input]# cat event0 7�G7H�7!H7��7&am p;#65533;��7��7.� after each touch show me characters like these(my touch work) =============================================== i change this to: export QWS_MOUSE_PROTO="tslib:/dev/input/event0 IntelliMouse:/dev/input/mice" but nothing happen.