@KroMignon I read the article already a few years ago and I have a working service implemented for a long time. This is not the issue I have. Since Android 8 if you create a background service and then switch to another application, your service gets almost immediately killed by system. To avoid this, you have two options. The first one is to create a foreground service, which is the one I use. But this requires to have a permanent notification shown. The second option is to have a bound service. The service then runs as long as your application runs. This is what I need, because I want the service to get killed together with the activity. If only the service gets killed, after restarting it, it doesn't work correctly anymore. So what I'm trying to do is to bind the service to the activity. I just found a correct way to do it: auto serviceIntent = QAndroidIntent(QtAndroid::androidActivity().object(), "cz.jech.muzika.MyService"); ServiceConnection *serviceConnection = new ServiceConnection(); QtAndroid::bindService(serviceIntent, *serviceConnection, QtAndroid::BindFlag::AutoCreate); Now I also need to find a way to unbind the service, because QtAndroid::unbindService doesn't exist. But I hope this can be done on the Android side in Java.