I'm running an app that has a Javascript front end sat on top of a QWebView; if I connect and set up my wireless network before starting my app it's happy to use it; however if I use the app to set up the wireless (via an api and dhcpcd) the app refuses to connect to the wireless.
I can verify it's there through QNetworkConfigurationManager.
I can get the IP/netmask via Qt as well.
I can connect to the server from the command line using wget just fine.
But my connection from QWebFrame->QWebPage->networkAccessManager is blank (name "") and I can't connect through Qt to my new network.
I've done a updateConfigurations() to update the info in the system, but still no dice.

Is there something I need to update/enable? Do I need to build in roaming somehow or force an update in QWebView to let it know?

Help would be much appreciated!

OS is embedded linux, Qt is 4.7.1