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Hiring Remote Product Lead for Cross-platform Desktop Application

  • Hiring Remote Product Lead for Cross-platform Desktop Application using QT or JUCE

    Job description
    Remote position as Project Lead, offering flexibility, creative freedom, and detailed specs! Work your own hours and and operate according to your own schedule. We are looking for 20-30 hours per week in active development until the application has been completed (we anticipate 3-6 months). Thereafter, a maintenance role will be required of about 5-10 hours per week, offering the same flexibility.

    About us
    CUE uses high-frequency, inaudible audio signals to transmit data via any sound-based media, allowing for completely customizable second screen experiences and offline/network-free data transfer. We are focused on improving the feature set and usability of our software by creating a crossplatform desktop application, written in either QT or JUCE.

    About this project
    This application will take input via DMX channels, update the GUI accordingly, and provide an audio output. We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated engineer to develop this application with minimal contribution from current CUE staff beyond design specs (both in terms of GUI and functionality). This individual will be the lead architect for this application. The ideal candidate is someone who has strong experience in both GUI design and audio and/or DMX processing using either QT or JUCE.

    • Develop the desktop application using JUCE or QT according to design specs
    • Provide some ongoing maintenance for the project over the next few months
    Minimum Qualifications
    • Expertise of QT or JUCE, both GUI design and frameworks
    • Strong written communication skills

    Please send resumes to jameson [at] cueaudio [dot] com

    [edit: made email address not usable by bots SGaist]

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