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When a moderator split a forum thread ...

  • I think to a possible improvement, we can't call of a bug...

    When the moderator decide that a thread for some reason should be splitted in two parts the author of the first post of the new segment become the owner of that thread. I have checked this because as owner the author can't rate it's content.
    As a matter of fact we should suppose that the new branch contains the last posts including the last posts. The new owner (that can be the owner of the thread before splitting or not, is not automatically subscribed to the new thread following his previous decisions (the checkbox "notify me when a new user post on this thread" that appears opening a new discussion).
    The result is that the owner of the new thread can be not notified again when other authors continue the discussion.

  • So... basically, you propose that users that were subscribed to the topic before the split, will be automatically subscribed to both of the topics after the split, right? Sounds reasonable to me.

  • Yes, it maybe good. Or at least the first user that become the owner of the new topic.

  • That might be useful indeed. We'll discuss the options but I don't think it will be a high priority.

  • @Alexandra: my logic is that when I see that something can be improved and/or maybe bugged I notify. Not signing a bug but here where it will be discussed. I agree too that it is not high priority, but as I have understood this is a board to share ideas and proposals for any possible improvement of this platfroms.

    Cheers, Enrico.

  • Absolutely, please keep suggesting improvements. :)

    I just wanted to make sure to manage expectations. :P

  • Sure I post, despite (positve++) critics :P

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