Arch Linux Arm: eglfs on Raspberry 3 (Could not find DRM device)

  • I try to run a (small example) Qt5 application with Quick Controls 2 on my Raspberry Pi 3 not using X11 but eglfs. This was not successful so far. I always get the error message "Could not find DRM device". I guess Qt has been built with eglfs platform plugins, because the lib /usr/lib/qt/plugins/platforms/ is available. My try to start the application is:

    LD_PRELOAD="/opt/vc/lib/ /opt/vc/lib/" myQtProgram -platform eglfs

    Maybe I miss something or what am I doing wrong?

    On a "normal" notebook (x86_64) I can launch the program with eglfs, so its seems to be something raspberry related...

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