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How to implement Oscilloscope for realtime-plotting?

  • Hello,
    I'm controlling temperature using PID and I wanna Plot PID output on Oscilloscope using raspberrypi. what would be the best way to implement oscilloscope for realtime plotting??

    Help would be appriciated.


  • @_bhum could you confirm your requirements?
    do you want to use a Raspberry Pi as a oscilloscope? If so there are some options (although not involving Qt framework) like:

    1. PicBerry: Digital Oscilliscope and Function Generator (MatlibPlot)
    2. MagPi #71 oscilloscope: building an oscilloscope using a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino (Python/Pygame framework)

    If you indeed want to create a Qt application running in the Raspberry Pi and plotting the values read from the PID, I'd suggest go with Qwt (warning: I've never used it).

  • @Pablo-J.-Rogina Thank you sir. Im looking for Qt application ruuning inthe raspi.

  • @_bhum Ok, so Qwt library should help. You may want to use one of the examples I mentioned (i.e. the one from MagPi magazine) as a guideline to what/how they draw on screen (I know, it's Python code but it will help...)

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