Qt/ Image Processing (Halcon) Contract Switzerland

  • German speaking Freiberufler required for mix of onsite & remote working in Switzerland.
    Please send Cv's to eoin_crowley@oxfordcorp.com

    LOA: 3 months initially
    Language: German
    Project: Pipetting robot using camera to take images of blood samples
    Skills required:
    Embedded C++ Programming (MUST)
    Strong image processing experience (MUST)- clients framework is based on QT and Halcon

    Class libraries:

    • QT (GUI, Workflow,...) à Basic structure
    • Halcon (MVTEC) à Image Processing


    • Xml
    • SQL (SQL lite)
    • ActiveX/COM Interface
    • Good knowledge of imaging (camera, image acquisition, image processing)
    • Knowledge of calibration and verification processes


    • specification
    • documentation
    • testing (documentation / implementation / execution)
    • experience in the automation industry

    1/4 imaging and 3/4 application development

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