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Sending mail from the users profile

  • Hi,

    it maybe useful to keep track of our own activities that sending an email to a user follwoing the link "send an email" on his profile page a copy of the same mail will be sent to the sender too. Best if there is a checkbox to enable/disble this option. Very very best again if the checkbox option is "remembered" by the site between different sections.

    What do you think about ?

  • Personally, I would like to see an improved mail system, and this could be part of it. However, the devnet team is very reluctant (with good reasons, mind you) to let the messaging system grow too much into a full fledged mailing environment. My main issue with the system is that it is hard to reply to mesages.

  • Hy Andre,

    I agree that it is hard to reply to messages. In past I have developed some customized web mail systems and I agree with the reluctance of the devnet team.

    The mail auto-forwarding is not a mail server improvement, it is only the question to add the sender mail address together with the destination of the mail. I see that almost all the Nokia sites when shows a form to send a mail always resend at least a simple message like "your mail to ... was delivered" followed by the text of the mail.

  • Actually, it is a little more involved than just adding an address. If you do that, you would be revealing the real email addresses of both the sender and the recepient to both parties. That is undesireable. You would have to send two separate emails to completely avoid that.

    Personally, I would like a feature where you could email to or something like that and have the email arrive in my inbox. That would make replying trivial (just set the reply-to address), but I also understand that there are problems involved in that as well (easy to harvest user names from the forum, thus making it easy to spam all users). You would have to use random codes or something like that to avoid that, making it all the more complicated again.

  • bq. Personally, I would like a feature where you could email to

    That's will be great but I think that this kind of feature involves something near a mail server or at least a connected mail server to the forum. Just to avoid the user spammink risk you mention.

  • I know, I know, but a guy can dream, right? :-)

  • :) Sure, dreams are free, not always open source but free.

    Then... Who knows who read this post? Sometimes dreams become real!

  • Hi Andre, Enrico,

    Volker made a "suggestion for this on jira":
    If you didn't yet, you and all others wanting that, can vote for it to keep the pressure up ;)

    I added a link to this topic so the trolls could get to your ideas from there too.

  • Thanks Eddy, I vote it immediately. Many thanks.

    [O.T. but the developers ... never rest ?]

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