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Nixie a vintage digital and virtual 3D clock

  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to present you a new project available under GitHub.

    If like me, you like the look of old digital clocks, but you see that they are often expensive, they have very few features, they have a limited life and they are not never on time.

    I propose you Nixie my first digital vintage and virtual 3D clock.

    This makes it possible to have a Nixie tube clock without Nixie tube. Its main advantages are:

    Always in summer and winter time.

    • Very cheap.
    • Nixie tubes do not age.
    • No high voltage.

    But that's not all. This allows in others:

    • Displays the indoor temperature.
    • The weather in 10 days.
    • The date.
    • To listen to web radios.
    • To program alarms.
    • Adjust its brightness according to the ambient brightness.

    It can also:

    • To serve as a stopwatch with lap time.
    • Show timers.
    • Serve as a thermometer.

    Finally, his look of Nixie tubes is reinforced by:

    • A uniform background color.
    • An image of your choice.
    • A slideshow of your choice.

    This project is written in C ++ and is built on QT framework. It is functional for:

    You will also find "installers" at the following address:

    to allow you to use this project without having to rebuild it.
    Best regards