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Welcome to the new forum for medical development!

  • Hello and Welcome!

    The purpose of this forum is to connect developers of medical devices who are using Qt, share and learn how the Qt product is being used, share new ways to innovate with Qt, and ask questions relevant to Qt development. Due to the highly regulated environment which is medical, Qt can be and is utilized differently because of the regulatory and compliance requirements. Additionally, the Medtech industry is evolving quickly which means that Qt needs to evolve with it. In addition to how Qt is being used, we welcome feedback on our product and ways it can be improved.

    Thank you for your contributions!

    If there is anything I can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Roger Mazzella
    Sr. Product Manager- Medical
    The Qt Company

  • @Roger-Mazzella--Sr.-Product-Mgr
    I am doing a medical application, an Audiometer. I am new at Qt, but I found it very interesting.

  • greetings,

    is it here only for devices or bio-informatics?

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