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[Solved] [Moved] Can QList<T*> take subclasses of T?

  • Hi, I am having problems understanding why this doesn't compile.

    I have 2 classes, A and B where B publicly inherits A.
    The pseudocode is:

    function(const QList<A*>& list){ ... }

    QList<B*>* list = ...;


    cannot convert parameter 1 from QList<T> to Aconst with T = B

    I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

    EDIT: please use @-tags for code highlighting, Gerolf

  • You confused in templates and classes.

    B is subclass A
    but QList<B*> is not subclass QList<A*>

    i.e you can:
    @QList<B*>* bList;
    QList<A*>* aList;
    A *a = bList->at(0);

    but you can't

    @QList<B*>* bList;
    QList<A*>* aList;
    aList = bList;@

  • See "C++ FAQ 21.3": for an explanation and 21.1/21.2 for the background.

    I moved this to the C++ guru forum, as it's a general C++ question, but not specifically Qt related.

  • Thanks for your help. I guess I was confused because Java allows this in their generic programming with List<B extends A>. I'm new to Templates but I figured it would work under the Liskov Substitution Principle, since all Bs are As and it's just a pointer (so the size of the object doesn't matter).

  • You have that List<B extends A> in C++ too, you can put all A subclass types into the list, but if you have B extending A you cannot assign a List<B> to a variable of type List<A>. Both are different cases.

    What you've tried does not work in Java either, the following snippet yields an error:

    public InheritanceTest() {
    ArrayList<String> sl = new ArrayList<String>();
    String x = "abc";

    ArrayList&lt;Object&gt; ol = new ArrayList&lt;Object&gt;();
    Integer z = new Integer(1);
    ol = sl;


    // Error on the last line:
    // Type mismatch: cannot convert from ArrayList<String> to ArrayList<Object>

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