Toolbar only shows button widgets, under the popup, which appears when there is not enough space available for docked toolbar [Solved]

  • Hello,

    I am using Qt3.
    When a toolbar is docked in a dock area, which has smaller width, than the toolbar itself, there is a extension button which appears at the end of the toolbar with >> symbol.

    On click of this button, a pop up menu appears, but this menu only contains the QPushButton widgets appearing in the toolbar and not the other widgets.

    Also, if the QPushButton class has been subclassed (derived) , and if we have over-ridden some of its events, and these pushbuttons appears in the toolbar, then in this case, those events are also not fired.

    How to make this work ?

    Thank You

  • Seems like QT creates replica buttons in the toolbar popup menu and only connects the signal slots. Hence other things like mouse press event etc will not work

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