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Why is QML not on rosettacode yet - is it a technical or practical reason?

  • Still not a expert, but I have found learning QML more intuitive that other similar languages that i have attempted to learn in the past. I recently came across Rosetta Code which is an excellent resource to demonstrate how common tasks can be written in different languages. It surprised me that QML is not listed on it. I would have thought QML would have stood out on that site as a lean language.

    Is there a technical reason why QML hasn't been added there yet , or is it simply a matter of someone doing it?

    Here are the steps on how to add a language -

  • Well. I'd never seen that site before - it would be up to the site owenr / someone else to maintain the content on their site.

    Regarding learning QML: the documentation and forums here is plenty. Then there are the example applications, the book and also the mailing list and I check the Qt reddit but it's pretty quiet. No need to look further just imo, I'd rather have less places to look but higher quality but sometimes I'll venture online to see what others have gone and done themselves.

    I agree, QML is so desirable for it's declarative syntax - it makes for very clean GUI code - just define what you want to see, how it behaves and no syntax fluff - just what you need. And it only gets better as you go on too - discovering you can change this:;
    anchors.bottom: parent.bottom;
    anchors.left: parent.left;
    anchors.right: (configVisible || readoutVisible)?...;

    to this:

    anchors {                   
    bottom: parent.bottom;  
    left: parent.left;    
    right: (configVisible || readoutVisible)?...;

    makes code so much quicker to understand and read the context of, instead of reading the same over and over - you just focus your head on the important bits.

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