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QtitanDocking 2.0 has been released!

  • Colleagues! We are pleased to announce the release of QtitanDocking 2.0 component for Qt app. This version fixes a lot of bugs that were revealed in the previous version. Added a number of new features and improvements. The mechanism of work with dockable Document panels is added. Document panel is controlled by special document layout which is located inside the central widget. You can see this in Visual Studio docking, where text files with the source code are represented in the form of docking documents. The document panel has a more complex dockable layout engine than conventional widget panel. Therefore, during the drag operation an additional set of guide diamonds are appeared, which prompts end-user in what area to place the panel. In addition, the mechanism for working with dockable ToolBars has been improved.

    MS Visual Studio like docking system for Qt app

    To get informed with the project and download the trial version, follow this link -

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