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C++ Developer (Toulouse, France)

  • About Zébrys:

    Zébrys is a start-up whose objective is to buld the software R++, the Next Step.

    R++, the Next Step is a high performance statistical analysis software. It is up to 800 times faster than the competition. It natively handles parallelism, and allows high dimensional data exploitation. And because statisticians are not all programming experts, it comes with a simple and innovative Human Computer Interface (two patents already).

    Zébrys is a statup with high potential (winner of Bourse French Tech, credit Innov&Plus, part of the Réseau Entreprendre network, Créalia ...), currently in intensive recruiting phase.

    Zébrys strong points:

    • Quality work environment (dual-screen, large desktop).

    • Personalized working tools (you are free to choose your computer and OS).

    • Flexible working schedules

    • Convivial atmosphere

    • A young and dynamic team (age: n=10 ; m=27.8; sd=4.7).

    Job description:

    Programing: Together with the team, you'll actively take part in the development of several facets of R++, the next Step. After three years of research and several users meetings, part of the software HCI has already been conceptually defined, but is not yet included into the software. As a first step, your mission will be to take part in this HCI development.

    Research: In order to stay ahead of the game of innovation, Zébrys is collaborating with three university research teams. Writing scientific research papers presenting the result of your work can be part of your attributions.

    Various: As a complement, depending on your own preferences, you could take part in various task linked to the start-up life, like the blog, creation of the Word Templete or PowerPoint, meeting potential clients, internet site management, ...

    Evolutions: Zébrys is a start-up. Everyting is to be built and everything is possible ! Depending on your wishes and skills, you could either keep advancing with the HCI team, or become part of the "compiling and high performance" team. You could also evolved toward marketing-oriented missions, and travel to present the product that you'd have developped for clients.

    Requested profile:

    • PhD in Computer Science

    • Good level in C/C++

    • Knowledge of Qt is a big plus.

    • Expertise in one of the following fields is a plus: software development, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, deep learning, HCI, compiling, networks and systems, language theory.

    Contractual terms:

    • Company: Zébrys (Start-up)

    • Contract type: permanent (full time)

    • Place of affectation: Toulouse (ENAC, France)

    • Remuneration: 30k€-35k€ depending on experience.

    • Collective agreement: Syntech

    To Apply:

    Send a CV and motivation letter to
    Or on our website: