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[Solved] Proposal: A "Jobs" subForum

  • About "this topic":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/924 (maybe there are others), i think a "Jobs" subForum would be the proper solution, instead having the jobs in between other questions.

  • Yeah, agreed with such proposal. But maybe separate site module with job offers will be more proper solution.

  • Hi Denis, i think a sub-forum to "Qt Development" is better, as it's closer to everyone interested in C++/Qt development.
    Even for the guys like me that don't yet search for a job, but still take a look at the offer to see in what domain is Qt required, what requirements in experience, knowledge the companies ask, etc...

    Any way, the Trolls will decide if/where the Jobs will be on this forum, i think it's important to have a jobs "place", it's not very important if it will be a site module or a sub-forum (just my opinion ;) )

  • We'll think about it. Currently, I don't have a strong opinion on the matter. Thanks for suggesting it, I have made a note. :)

  • Hi Alexandra,
    For now, this isn't a problem at all, until the number of jobs posts will increase you have time to choose the best way to accommodate jobs in here ;)

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