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Create Mobile Apps that Support the Notch and Display Cutouts

  • More and more mobile devices feature a notch (or display cutout, as it is called on Android). This little monster brings many new challenges for mobile app developers.

    Mobile Devices with Display Cutout or Notch

    “How hard can it be to support the notch – maybe one or two days to optimize existing apps for it?”
    That’s what we initially thought. As it turned out, it was a lot harder than expected. We ran into many bumps along the road of porting 20+ apps & games to properly support it.

    Along the way, we modified all the components of V-Play Engine for Qt-based mobile apps and games. It now supports the notch out-of-the-box, so you don’t need to go through this „notch hell“ yourself. :)

    To help you support the notch in your mobile apps, we prepared the following „Guide to Survive the Notch“:

    We hope you enjoy the read!