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Does SceneLoader renderer support transparency?

  • I am trying to load a 3d model that has transparent entities into a SceneLoader QML type. However, when these 3d models are loaded into SceneLoader the alpha component is removed from the entities.

    For the 3d model file, I have tried .obj, .dae and .3ds file types. I have tried both Sketchup and Blender to model my objects. In blender I have tried both the 'Cycles Renderer' and the default 'Blender Renderer'. I have based my project off the example named Qt 3D: Multi Viewport QML found in 'Qt Creator'

    Does the SceneLoader renderer support transparency? Should I be using something else rather than SceneLoader? Any help would be appreciated. If need be, I can also create a dummy project to show what I am trying to achieve.

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