[Moved][Qt Ambassador] QxOrm 1.1.8 released

  • Hi,

    QxOrm 1.1.8 released :

    Changes in version 1.1.8:

    • QxOrm library can now be used on Mac (thanks very much to Dominique Billet) : see 'osx_build_all_debug.sh' and 'osx_build_all_release.sh' scripts to build QxOrm library and all samples in './test/' directory
    • Add 'qx::QxSession' class : define a session to manage automatically database transactions (using C++ RAII), see the FAQ for more details
    • Add 'qx::QxDateNeutral', 'qx::QxTimeNeutral' and 'qx::QxDateTimeNeutral' classes : helper classes to store date-time value into database under neutral format => cross database compatibility

    For more information about QxOrm library, please visit : http://www.qxorm.com/.

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