• The project is available at


    The aim of this project is to allow developers to write QtScript and run it in a web browser.

    It has a release tar ball and a git repository I copied from my other SourceForge project, v3c-storyboard.

    The tests don't look much like QtScript yet because they do bad things like reference the global document and window objects which native QtScript won't have access to.
    Plus, it's a long way from providing QtCore + QtGui, so I used some html widgets to fill the gap.

    Ultimately, the idea is to extend QWebkit and other web browsers with a QtJs plugin.

    This plugin will step in with real QtScript-wrapped QtCore + QtGui classes, leaving the QtJs JavaScript implementation available for those browsers that don't have a QtJs plugin.

    Edit: moved to showcase, gerolf

  • I just found out about a project called emscripten, a c++ to JavaScript converter!

    I posted a message to the blog:

    I'm very hopeful that this will carve chunks out of the "porting" process!

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