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Qt Developer in Lviv, Ukraine

  • We are a consulting company with a focus on Qt on desktop and Linux embedded. We are currently searching for a developer in Lviv. You have to be in Lviv already, as we are not willing to talk about relocation. You will be working remotely, but together with another of our Lviv based consultants.

    You should have a university level degree in computer science, some years professional coding experience and a lot of C++/Qt experience. A Qt certification is nice, but if you don't have it, we will help you get it.

    We are searching for developers for a specific project at the moment. The project is embedded Linux based projects with Qt as the UI framework. It's pure C++ and widgets, no QML is involved.

    For other projects we might use you for later, it would be helpful if you know QML, PHP, AWS, yocto, Windows or something else that might be related to a Qt based application.

    Are you:

    Already in Lviv?
    Interested in a position in a consulting company?
    A great Qt and C++ coder?
    Very self motivated?
    Able to work remotely?
    Fluent in git, creator and linux?

    When I write "a great Qt and C++ coder", I actually mean it. Don't apply if you're not ready to be an expert compared to the customers' own developers. As a consultant you will always be tested by the customer projects in areas you don't have any previous experience, but the Qt side needs to be covered.

    The common language is English, so you need to be able to both speak, read and write it reasonably well. We do have English classes available for all employees, but this is only supposed to be for improving.

    Thank you for considering a position at Viking Software.

    Bo Thorsen,
    CEO, Viking Software.

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