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The Qt Company looking for a Qt expert

  • The Qt Company (qt.io) is responsible for Qt development, productization and licensing under commercial and open-source licenses. Qt is a C++ based framework of libraries and tools that enables the development of powerful, interactive and cross-platform applications and devices.

    We're looking for a Qt expert to help us implement new features in Connected Creator. Connected features improve the developer workflow, by allowing developers to share Creator data between several work stations, for example.

    The candidate would work as a sub-contractor in a close co-operation with the Qt Creator team, located in Berlin. In addition, fluent English skills are needed to co-operate with other R&D teams in Norway and Finland. The planned subcontracting effort is ten person months and we wish the subcontracting could be started already in December 2017.

    Expertise with the following Qt concepts is required.
    Qt C++ development
    Qt plugin development
    UI programming with both widgets and QML
    Network programming and REST API usage
    Data encryption/decryption knowledge is beneficial

    If you're interested and think you meet the qualifications, please send an email to:
    tino.pyssysalo (at) qt (dot) io

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  • German language skills are not necessary but beneficial.

    We do not want to limit the candidates to Berlin area only, so location may be anywhere, but the work would need rather close co-operation with the creator team in Berlin. In practise, this means 1+ weekly telcos and bi-weekly/monthly workshops.

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    @Tino said in The Qt Company looking for a Qt expert:

    Connected Creator

    Is that the normal QtCreator ?

    Also, is it 8 hours pr day ? ( just wondering)

  • Hi, my name is Denis, I'm located in Italy, in venice area.

    This is my personal website
    and this is my company website
    (temp) http://www.enfixweb.it/test/labcsp/
    (under costraction) http://www.labcsp.com

    I'm working as software (and as firmware sometimes) developer with C++ - Qt - qml -QWidgets for me and for some customers. My preferred area is industrial automations.

    I and my customers (that are working with Qt) need a way to share not only the code but the .o files.
    For example I'm working on a library to manage a special device. The customer developers will use the library not as .so or .dll but using the .o files to embed in the executabe at linking time.
    When I release a new library version I have to send my .o files to all the developers.
    The git platform is not so usefull for this problem. Git works well only for the code.

    I could be interested in this position, I was been in Berlin but I haven't got a flued english.


  • It is a standard Qt Creator. The daily working hours can be agreed. We are rather flexible.

  • Perfect, now if you want you can send a official request / proposal to info@labcsp.com explaining the project to make.

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