Which system do you recommend for cloud based realtime database?

  • Hello QDevnet,

    I want to develop an android app which use realtime database for IoT. I should connect to database on cloud.

    1. When I change some data, other phones should updated. (Realtime data updating)
    2. I should pull data which is on the specific interval. (Database)
      (For example, Temperature data between 10 Oct. && 15 Oct.)

    Frankly, I don't know cloud based applications. But, If I find the right suggest for me I try to make it.

    Best regards,
    Thank you.

  • Hi. Have a look at Qt WebSockets Examples, Qt SQL and SQLite, QHttp, and Node.js.

  • Thanks but I look like cloud mqtt, firebase, etc. solutions. I don't want to build database I want to use an online system. But, which one is the most compatible(or appropriate) for qt android and my requirements.

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