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Code upload on Qt

  • I order a code for Symbian for a new application. I got the code from this company without any instructions on how to compile the code and how to run it first in my computer and then in the Nokia. I downloaded QT but I am not sure how to proceed from here.
    Can someone instruct me on how to upload a code to the Qt -QT- ? I have XML file and MAK file and C file and more.
    Please replay me ASAP...Thanks

  • Hi,

    I got some files with code that should work in nokia mobile on symbian. I have batch files and mak files and c files and xml files.
    I am not sure how to run them in order to see my application in action.
    Can I get some help with this ?

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    That's a pretty vague question. There are really too many unknowns for someone to give a definite answer.

    Is it Qt-based code? Symbian apps can be written without using Qt. Is there a .pro file included with the code?

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  • Merged duplicate posts.

  • I am not sure. It has so many files. All I know is that it is an application that run on the symbian. How do I upload xml files in the QT or do you have any other environment that you advise on ? I only know C++ programming, not how to build an application for mobiles

  • It seems strange to me you didn't get instructions on how to use the code that company made for you. Why not just ask them how to use it?

  • I sent them an e-mail but they didnt answer me yet and this is pretty urgent. I think that I will just copy all the code to the QT, but How do I upload an XML code to the QT ? Do you have other envirment that is better for this issue ?

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    You keep using the word "upload" with regard to the XML. I do not think it means what you think it means. What are you trying to accomplish with the XML?

  • I have an xml files and c files. I guess that I can open a new project and copy all the C files to the code, but about the xml files I am not sure to where should I copy them.

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    I would think you'd need to read the code that you have and try to discern where the code is expecting to find the XML, if you haven't been able to get an answer from the original company.

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